Manutti Air Modular Set - Concept 4

The Manutti Air Concept 4 is comprised of:

1x FS-ARELS Left End Seat, 3x Seat Cushion, 3x Back+Arm cushion, 3x Backrest + 1x Deco cushion

2x FS-ARMSL Large Middle Seat, 1x Seat Cushion, 1x Back+Arm cushion, 1x Backrest + 2x Deco cushion

1x FS-ARFL Large Footstool, 1x Seat Cushion, 1x Back+Arm cushion + 1x Deco cushion

You can change ELS to ERS for reverse composition.

 The Manutti Air Modular Collection combines eye catching design with supreme comfort. Incredibly versatile, this modular collection fits in with almost any style, its stainless steel, or Iroko wood frame perfectly setting off the huge, plush cushions for a contemporary, austere style that is a guaranteed hit at any garden party. This modular collection is available in a wide range of fabric finishes and a huge array of deco cushions, letting you find the perfect style for your outdoor space.

Dimensions (cm)

Width 528
Height 75
Depth 214

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