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Our huge showroom hosts an incredible display of conservatory furniture that has been crafted to the highest standards using seagrass, cane, rattan and Lloyd Loom. With over 20 years in the business, we recognise that conservatories are used in a variety of ways, and our vast range of conservatory furniture reflects our understanding of our customers’ differing needs. Whilst some may wish to style their conservatory in a decor that is in keeping with the rest of their home, others may look to create a distinct retreat, and nearly all seek conservatory furniture that can act as a bridge between their indoor and outdoor space. Accordingly, our diverse selection of conservatory furniture includes an array of designs that exude contemporary chic, instil an air of classic elegance, or infuse an earthy sense of natural living – some even blend all three.

Whatever the picture you wish to create, quality is of prime importance when it comes to choosing conservatory furniture, as humidity, sunlight and extremes of temperature will need to be endured. It is for this reason that our cane and rattan conservatory furniture is so popular – these naturally sustained materials are extremely resilient to such environments, and we pride ourselves on only using the finest grades to ensure your conservatory furniture lasts.

Rattan Conservatory Furniture

The vine-like lengths of natural rattan make the stem of this plant ideal for wicker weaving into intricate patterns, thus creating unique conservatory furniture that is beautiful, strong and durable. A type of climbing palm that is found in the tropical forests of South East Asia, rattan is a sustainable crop that bears natural colouring, making it perfect for the construction of conservatory furniture. As cane is taken from the bark of this plant, it too bears the same qualities. Therefore, not only is our conservatory furniture pleasingly rustic in tone, but it is also kind to the environment.

Maintaining the appearance of your cane and rattan conservatory furniture is surprisingly simple; a regular wipe with a damp cloth will keep your conservatory furniture looking fantastic all year round. The cushions that come with our conservatory furniture items feature removable covers for ease of cleaning. These are available in a choice of over 50 fabrics, enabling you paint a bold scene of colour or a relaxing setting complemented by neutral shades. Whatever the mood you wish to cultivate, we have the right conservatory furniture for you. Delivery is free nationwide, subject to minimum order.

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Conservatory Furniture Conservatory Furniture Conservatory Furniture


Conservatory Furniture Conservatory Furniture Conservatory Furniture